(Organic Rankings & Paid Rankings)

Makes your business VISIBLE!

Every day there are about 6.5 billion searches being made worldwide.  Now, mobile has become the preferred medium to access the internet , surpassing desktop. Whether it’s paid marketing (SEM) or organic search (SEO) that is driving results for you, it requires strategic planning to be found on the first couple of pages. 77% of searches happen through Google. So its obvious that you require services of professionals who are experts in Google platform (Adwords) to guide you to the top. Whether you need SEO or SEM, We have expertise and experience to assure you that we can get your webpage to the desired spot.

Your website is your asset, which should be seen by all who matters to you. Then only you can generate leads and drive conversions making it your best member of your team.


Keyword Research

It all starts with keywords and we ensure that our research focuses on how to reach your customers in a most efficient way.


Whitehat &Ethical Practises

We follow only ethical practises and builds authority and trust  for your business  to attract leads.


Local & Global SEO

Google has been increasing importance to local SEO optimisation. We ensure that you are seen to your customers-locally and globally.


In Line with Business Goals

SEO is to aid the business goals and our plans are formulated  keeping in mind the overall picture.



How exactly does SEO work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the process of optimizing keywords for which your web page will rank when a user search query contains the specific keyword.Organic SEO means content driven approach wherein the page is optimized as per the rules so that search engines consider your page an authoritative source on the keyword. (Paid Marketing or SEM) involves creating ads around a keyword and distributing it through search and display network so that the ad shows up when a search with the keyword is performed.

Do you guarantee rankings?

Sometimes truth is not that pleasant but we prefer telling the reality to our clients. We don’t want to mislead our clients. SEO is a science but it is very dynamic and has about 200 factors driving it. No one can predict or guarantee a ranking within a specified time, say first page or top 3 positions in 3 month or 6 months. Anyone saying so, is trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of SEO. Its better to avoid such companies.But We at Strategy Town can assure you that we will only proceed with keywords that are attainable based on the resource you allocate , competition and its relevance. We will do our best to maximize our chances. We have succeeded in ranking most of our projects.

Do you offer Pay after you Rank? What is this?"

In line with our core values we inform the client the possibility of ranking and the duration it may take. According to us, ” pay after you rank” is just a marketing technique rather than any real differentiation. It gives a false assurance to client that he needs to pay only after results. A good team can get the desired ranking and in ‘pay after you rank’  payment is done for all the months of work and typically the rates are high.  Its more like deferred payment , of course with high interest.

What is white hat and black hat SEO?

Whitehat refers to ethical practices that involve nurturing your webpage with good content, creation of good assets like ebook, submission to various channels. Hence this method takes time as you cant build naturally everything overnight. Blackhat refers to shortcut methods that includes bulk link creation,plagiarism content,stuffing page with keywords, irrelevant content. Today’s search algorithms use artificial intelligence and update frequently. Search engines can easily spot black hat techniques which will result in penalties.

How long should it take to rank on the first page?

Like you, your competition is also trying to rank for similar keywords. Its not a one time process. Its a continual activity . Our experience shows that a minimum period of 6 months is required to see a visible increase in ranking in first couple of pages. Again the strategy needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure that you are on right track. Once you have secured a good ranking,then it becomes a long term asset which needs to be maintained.

What makes strategy town different?

We agree that we are one of the countless agencies doing SEO.What makes us unique is our background and our processes.We are not your typical marketers. Rather we are people who have spent considerable amount of time with world-class companies engaging in real life campaigns. We clearly understand what a client needs. We always stand at the clients side.


Our process do not see SEO in isolation. We analyse your business goals, marketing pans and see where SEO can benefit. We strive for visible results that increase your revenue or whatever goal your company aims for. This approach of tying everything to organisation goal, which is possible due to our expertise in 360 degree marketing makes us unique.

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